10 October 2016

Online Dating Scams South Africa

Internet Romance Scams:

As the leading private investigator concierge in South Africa, Mr Patrick de Marco correlates sensitive intelligence gathering and private investigative requirements for private individuals with reference to online dating scams and internet romance scams in South Africa, Africa or abroad.

Online Dating Scams or Romance Scams

Did you know?

Scamming syndicates in Africa and around the world often have hierarchical structures, where scammers work in groups and in shifts, and follow a proven procedure. They have scripts to follow and they get advice from more experienced members of their group.

The successful ones typically ask a lot of questions about the victim's dream and weave this fairy tale into a reality he or she can provide, being attentive, sensitive, caring, empathetic, and patient to build a connection with the victim. Their well-concocted stories tug the heart strings of a victim, and they keep pulling those strings until they have the mark under an influential spell. Then the requests begin.

While some scammers profess undying love in record time, others patiently court their mark for months before asking for money. Sooner or later, the scammers will ask for money to be sent. The amount constantly grows and the requests never stop, each accompanied with legitimate-sounding reasons. Varied and imaginative requests for money are common, usually attached to financial emergencies for example an accident, travel expenses, medical needs for a child, and for those posing as military, pursuits outside deployment such as transportation costs, communication fees, and medical fees.

Is he or she real?

Many African or West African fraudsters or fraudsters around the world claim that they are from South Africa or working in South Africa when in fact it is not true. They claim they are on business or working in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or in other places in and around South Africa. It is not always the case that your online lover is trying to defraud you but by the time you read this you are most certainly (at this stage or point in time) uncomfortable about something. You not sure? Hire a fraud investigator today. 

Finding out what exactly the situation is before you confront anyone is absolutely essential and this is where the services of a romance scaminvestigator may become very useful. Contact us and we will investigate your confidential matter or your current concerns very discreetly.

Asked you for money? Trying to get your funds back?

Contact us immediately. You running out of time. Certain procedures need to be followed in order for you to stand a chance of getting your funds or at least some dividends back. We work closely with all the major banks in South Africa including Standard Bank of South Africa, Absa Bank, First National Bank, Capitec Bank, Nedbank and others. Contact us today.

Private Investigators in Pursuit of Excellence:

Patrick de Marco (private investigator) supplies a highly confidential service to upmarket individuals, celebrities and company executives in South Africa and abroad. He has been a fully qualified CID detective since 1988.

He undertakes exclusive private investigations in Cape TownJohannesburgDurbanEast LondonPort ElizabethGeorgeBloemfonteinPretoria and in most of the metropolitan areas in South Africa. His national intelligence gathering network of private investigators and private detectives (in pursuit of excellence) can activate confidential online dating or romance scam investigations anywhere in the world. His services rendered include the investigation of a variety of civil and criminal matters in South Africa, Africa or abroadContact Patrick de Marco today.

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